About Us

Organizing working people through their own independent organizations like trade unions, peasant committees, and student bodies and their political parties in their march towards freedom and social and economic emancipation.

In 2014, the Left Voice emerged as a result of the frantic struggle by the comrades who fought against opportunist, class-collaborative, individualist politics of the then Nava Sama Samaja Party that had long been building within the party.

We were able to publish the “WameHanda” Sinhala newspaper on a monthly basis with the aim of carrying our ideology amongthe working people. We are maintaining a blog called https://wamehanda.wordpress.com continuously. Launch of the https://wamehanda.org web site in Sinhala, English and Tamil are another important step to further expand our activities.

It is a political movement which carry forward the ideologies and improvements of Marxist revolutionists such as Karl Marx, Fredrich Engels, VI Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Rosa Luxemberg, Gramski, Earnest Mandel, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and early revolutionary theories and practices of Samasamaja movement and the Nava Samasamaja Party which were based on class struggle. Our aim is to build a revolutionary socialist power which can face the challenges of 21st century.

We stand against racism, religious extremism and stand for national independence against all imperialist coercion. It is our desire to join struggles of the working people, national struggles of the oppressed, struggle for the liberation of women, struggle for the protection of the planet which destroyed by the capitalist market, and against all forms of sexual violence. We fight for the unification of the North, the South and the East in Sri Lanka on the basis of equality and fight to unite our struggle with the struggle of the international proletariat. We are the Sri Lanka Branch of the 4th International, founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938, fighting internationally.