Palestinian blood, our blood 

Wherever we are, we are witnessing, once again, the illegal expulsion of Palestinians who have lived for decades in East Jerusalem; we are witnessing the direct lynching of an Arab Palestinian, the destruction of their places of life; we are witnessing the umpteenth explosion of bombs in Gaza. We are all witnessing the murderous madness of extremist religious israelian groups, under the watchful eye of the Israeli police who facilitate their access to the al-Aqsa mosque where thousands of Palestinians are gathered. They will be trapped under the re of rubber bullets, tear gas canisters. In their hysteria, the illegal occupation forces beat, injured as many as they could. As usual, they assaulted paramedics and forbade others to rescue the many injured. So many violations of international humanitarian law. And the international community, unable to live up to its responsibilities under international law, is content to ask both sides to show restraint and end the ghting; it should sanction the State of Israel for committing war crimes and practicing an apartheid policy towards the Palestinian people. 

Palestinians resist the annexation of their land, the demolition of their homes and crops, the sacking of their mosques, the occupation of East Jerusalem, systematic arrests and arbitrary administrative detentions. This is a veritable ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. They are neither terrorists nor extremists, and the international community cannot compare them to the illegal occupation forces. For decades the Palestinian people have been subjected to successive massacres and the Israeli state has enjoyed total impunity. When will the international community wake up and restore legitimacy to international law? We are waiting for the ICC to do the job for which it was created, which is that crimes committed on Palestinian lands are brought to justice and those responsible punished. When will it assume its responsibilities by sending a protection force to save the Palestinian people who are dying from the disproportionate use of force? When will it assume its responsibilities in guaranteeing the legitimate right of the Palestinians to the recognition of their state and their capital, Jerusalem?  

Palestinian blood is our blood, Palestinian resistance is our resistance, we will not give up, no people can give up the struggle for their land.  

Let us be as many as possible, stand up, let us never stop making the voice of justice heard. Let us stand against the Israeli colonial forces and their accomplices who are silencing the voice of international solidarity. 

Mireille Fanon Mendès Franc