Position of Left Voice on the national question in Sri Lanka

1. We must build our position on the national question based on Leninist teachings. We should also take into the account the views expressed by post Marxists in this regard.

2. We believe that this is a programme which should be implemented in the relevant historical and concrete context, basically accepting the principal of self-determination right of the nations.

3. It is based on the fact that no race or religion is second to any other race or religion. If not so, the principle that they have equal rights before the law. Nobody should prevent democratically separating or joining with any nation if they wish.

4. The Government shall not grant special privileges to any race or religion. The official languages ​​of the Constitution of Sri Lanka should be Sinhala, Tamil and English.

5. People are allowed to practice any religion they like or not to believe in any religion and it is a fundamental right of human. The state should govern the country on the basis of secularism which should be separated from any religion. The government should therefore remove the clauses in the constitution stating that the government is bound to protect and promote Buddhism and treat all religions equally

6. The Sri Lankan bourgeoisie could not be able to unite the Sri Lankan nation democratically. This is because bourgeois politics is organically mixed with racism and religiosity since they used to use racism and religion to obtain the power in Sri Lanka. After the 1970s, this situation was worsened.

7. As a result, the idea of ​​a Tamil people’s freedom struggle grew and developed over the past five decades as a separate national movement. As a result, Sinhala racism also grew strongly in the society. This eventually turned into a deadly war, and in 2009 Mahinda Rajapaksa’s forces were able to destroy the armed Tamil movement. This is a failed attempt by the bourgeoisie to solve the national question. But it does not show that the national aspirations and problems of the Tamil people have been resolved or that national unity has been built.

Therefore, we think that the administrative powers should be given to Tamil people based on following facts.

1. The Tamil people should be allowed to unite and establish their own self-administration in resolving the national question in Sri Lanka. Arrangements should be made for the Sinhala and Muslim communities living in those areas not to be harmed in their identity.

2. Accordingly, the Government should unite or separate the North and East as agreed by the people of the North and East

3. Police powers should be given to such administration

4. Land powers should be given to the autonomy of the relevant province and the basis for the distribution of lands should be to the landless people living in that province. Those lands should not allowed to be sold to Multinational corporations in any way.

5. Those autonomies should be given full powers to make plans for the development of their own province and to obtain the necessary financial assistance for that.

6. The Central Government should not have the power to dissolve the governing units in any way without the approval of that unit.

We do not believe that such a program can be brought without a revolutionary change in society. But we do not say that the bourgeoisie is in any way not capable to take certain positive steps under special circumstances. In such circumstances it is our responsibility to protect any relief that the minorities receive from extremist racist forces. Finally, by taking these ideas among Tamil people, let us show them that we can achieve liberation not by segregation but by uniting with the working class and oppressed sections of the South and winning socialism.

Solutions to the damage caused by the war

1. An impartial inquiry should be conducted into the war crimes committed during the war and all those responsible should be punished regardless of their rank.

2. The troops deployed in the North and East should be removed and a civilian administration to be established.

3. Compensation to be paid for missing persons and their dependents.

4. All prisoners detained for military reasons should be released immediately.

5. Lands seized by the military should be returned to their original owners immediately.

6. Restrictions on the Tamil people to commemorate those who killed in the war should be lifted immediately.

(This is the policy statement adopted by the Central Committee of the Left Voice)