Attempts to arrest Pubudu Jayagoda are thwarted

Protesting fishermen have blocked an attempt by the police to arrest Comrade Pubudu Jayagoda of the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) who had come to support the protest by fishermen in the Modara, Lunupokuna area. Fishermen were protesting against the inconvenience caused to them due to the fire of Express Pearl ship. Already one month had gone to the fire of the ship and fishermen are facing difficulties faced by the increase in fuel prices. The police had tried to break the fishermen’s protest.

Fishermen say they have lost income because people do not buy fish because of the toxins that have been added to the sea due to the burning of the ship. Despite being told that Rs. 5,000 would be provided for the families of fishermen, they say that many families have not even received the relief.