June 18: People’s Writer Maxim Gorky Memorial Day

June 18, 2021


It is no exaggeration to say that the novel ‘Thai’ is a liberation novel about the exploitation of the world’s working people. Today, June 18, 1936, is the anniversary of Maxim Gorky, who created the novel and mobilized the youth and democratic forces for revolutionary politics in many countries.

Mother creates all things. Mother of Maxim Gorky. Om. Maxim Gorky, author of the Thai novel, is the author of the original writing. Can the proletarian struggle be brought into creativity? Gorky performed as best he could.

There can be no writers who do not go beyond the ‘mother’ novel written by Maxim Gorky. It is a novel that is familiar to many readers around the world. If there are 100 best novels in the world, there is definitely a place for the mother. Realist literature is the first of those 100 novels for the mother.

Aesthetics and the mental struggles of the aristocracy were hailed as classics. Stories of kings and scholars falling in love were the best literature of the day. On the other side were the epics of tears that go hand in hand with the rules of the poor living in poverty. This is the first novel to tell the problems of the workers at this time and the preparations for the struggle. The characters in it say, ‘We have nothing but slavery to lose.’ Powell, the son of a factory worker, is at the center of the Thai novel, the story of leading a revolutionary struggle.

Bitter if Gorky!

Where did the mother come from? Injustice is happening in the factory. Workers are being squeezed out for very low wages. But the full source of the novel is how a mother who does not work in the factory plays her part in the struggle. Her son, who works in the factory, learns that he is involved in union work and fights for the workers as a whole, and her contribution begins with serving tea to them. She prepares and serves food to the workers. At one point the comrades are arrested and imprisoned. He does the work of accepting the struggle of the workers. Powell, who is in prison, says of his mother, ‘I’m in prison but my hands are out.’

The novel ‘Mother’ is still talked about today as the Bible of the World Trade Unions.

Man was born, and his stories of the old Isergil, the gypsy, and the wayfarer not only reflect the period; The ones that stand the test of time.

Karki has many faces as a railway employee, shoemaker and farmer. In writing those faces reflected blood and flesh.

Bitter if Gorky!

Her real name is Alexei Maximovich Peshkov. He lost his parents at the age of three. He left home at the age of ten without enduring the cruelty of his grandfather. Wandered the streets. Familiarized with drinkers, social enemies, workers, peasants all. He walked all over the Russian Empire. He wrote the experiences behind it. He changed his name to Gorky. In Russian it means ‘bitter’.

Tsar of Russia at that time. Two thousand people marched towards the king’s palace demanding a basic right to life. Jarin’s security forces opened fire on them. More than a thousand of them died. Gorky was one of the survivors who attended. That show left a deep scar on Gorky’s mind.

The survivors were imprisoned. Gorky suffered various hardships in prison. Against it he staged an uprising play called ‘Sun Buddhas’. He staged plays like this many times coming out. For this he was imprisoned each time and suffered various hardships.

He then met Lenin, who led the Russian Revolution. The two became close friends. Lenin sent Karki to the United States to raise funds for the revolution. The Thai novel was written by Gorky while sitting on the Akirontak hill. It was this novel that turned the world to Russia.

Gorky, who wrote the Thai novel recommended by many universities around the world today, never went to school.

On his Memorial Day ‘How should the writer be? What kind of creative should he be? ‘How did I learn to write?’ Here we share the important things he wrote in the book.

‘Wisdom is a must in all country literature for a writer. Because in essence, literary creativity is the same in all countries and in all communities. A web has been woven everywhere to trap the human soul since the days of human memory, on the other hand human beings, whose mission has always been to eliminate closed beliefs, likes, dislikes and biases, have been everywhere. So, as always, those who are motivated to indulge in trivial things that are pleasing to human beings, just like the bad aspects of life that surround them, The main duty of the writer is to know that the rebellious rebels have also come from. The creativity of literature is concerned with the creation of characters and “models.” It requires imagination and fiction. When a writer casts a shopkeeper, a civil servant, or a worker he knows as a character, if he creates a picture of a particular individual almost as if it were a photograph, it is nothing more than a photograph. It has little or no social significance or enlightenment. The creation thus created will not help us to expand our knowledge of man or of life. But for a twenty, fifty or a hundred shopkeepers, or civil servants, If a writer or artist can summarize the most specific class characteristics, habits, and postures that are unhealthy for workers, and summarize them all as an individual shopkeeper, as a civil servant, as a worker, then that writer can create a model. That is art. He says. Maxim Gorky is a guide for creators who write with the quest to liberate simple human beings from the chain of exploitation.

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