PRHRPC to hold the May Day despite the ban

Public Resources and Human Rights Protection Centre, the biggest Trade Union collective has decided to hold the May Day, despite the governments ban as scheduled. This PRHRPC comprise of more than 20 major trade unions including Ceylon Bank Employees Union, Ceylon Estate Staff Union, CMU, UPTO, United Federation of Labour, Telecom Unions etc.

According to the CMU General Secretary Sylvester Jayakody, May Day belongs to the Workers. Political parties have no right to stop it. Every year in history, May Day has been celebrated by working people despite the ban. The government has banned May Day not because of covid-19, but to prevent political parties within the government from holding separate May Day rallies.

Leaders of the PRHRPC is in a view that the government is planning to control the emerging protests from different sections of the society, against the governments inaction to burning issues of the masses. Working people are engaging in protests for a long time demanding solutions. Estate workers, bank workers, teachers, peasants demanding elephant corridor and abolishment of loans obtained from micro finance companies are fighting for their demands for a long time. In addition there was a mass protest against the proposed Port City Commission bill. Several parties of the govt. including SLFP decided to hold a separate May Day rally against the step motherly treatment from the SLPP. In order to circumvent these various protests govt banned the May Day activities under the cover of covid 19.  

Now PRHRPC has decided to hold the May Day with the other organizations such as PWP (Power of Working People), farmers, and fighting women against micro finance loans, students etc.

Wijepala Weerakoon