By Charles Dayananda

This series of art works of thirty paintings was drawn 45 years ago. Mr. Charles Dayananda the creater of this is a well known artist in Sri Lanka and a Lecturer in Arts. Mr. Charles Dayananda who dedicated his service for several years as the Chairman of the Arts Council of Sri Lanka, has held ten individual arts exhibitions and also another two series of art works titled “War and Human Rights” Among his art creations, this series of arts work takes the speciality because it
was drawn 45 years ago by him as a young artist in prison. As a result of having connected with the armed struggle cropped up in Sri Lanka in 1971, he was jailed with rigorous imprisonments for six years. He was taken into custody on 01 July 1971, after being under rigorous imprisonments in several prisons for six years
was set free in September 1977.

These arts were drawn by him during the period spent in prison at Bogambara,
Kandy. The series of arts illustrates the various experiences and characteristics of
the various prisoners, such as murders, thieves and looters etc., who were with
him in the Bogambara prison.

The poets who were in imprisonment had written poems. The novelists who were
in imprisonment had written novels and the dramatists who were in imprisonment
had written dramas about it but so far, no any artist in the world had turned out self
experiences of imprisonment into arts. This is the first ever series of arts about a
prison in the world which is titled “Paintings Behind Bars”.

45 Years old these paintings had been drawn amidst of so many difficulties with a
minimum facilities. The papers and the tubes of water colours were supplied into
the prison in a secret way and the painting brush was made with some fur cut from
cats in side the prison and tied to a small stick. Some of the paintings are faded
and fungal.

There is a sentimental value of these paintings. At least if this could be preserved
for about hundred years, its value would be made historical. It is expected after
these paintings is a preserver or an institute, or a gallery any where in the world to
be kept reserved and protected.

Artists Name : Charles Dayananda
Address : 85 D, Godagamdeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Telephone : 081-2387699 / 071-8135642
E – mail :
Size of Pictures : 15” X 11”
Medium : Water Colours,