Victims of Micro Finance companies launched a Protest…

Collective of women victimized by microfinance launched a protest and a sathyagraha today (8th) at 2.00pm at Hingurakgoda. 

They are demanding that,

1.     All microfinance debt be abolished! 

2.     All microfinance debt collection be immediately ceased until a debt audit is conducted!

3.     All legal action against microfinance borrowers be stopped! 

4.     De-list all microfinance borrowers from CRIB!

5.     Establish an autonomous and socially emancipatory credit mechanism, collectively owned by women! 

The women’s collective would like if you could

01. Participate in the protest. You can also sit in the Sathyagraha in solidarity individually or representing your organization. 

02. Initiate solidarity actions in other parts of the country. 

03. Disseminate news/ information about the collective action by the women’s collective. 

04. Support with funding. 

By Wijepala Weerakoon