“Let’s give another story to our children and teach them to be Humans”

Dear friends,

I would like to treat you all with a real life story, a rare story, a beautiful story, a love story of a unique kind and a story if properly received and taken to your hearts as is meant to be, can transform Sri Lanka from what it is up to now to the most beautiful and happiest place to live in this planet.

This story is simply a birthday wish from one of my close Tamil girl friends to her close Sinhala friend, both studying law at the University of Jaffna.

The profound message in this birthday wish is enough to write a book of all books on Sri Lanka.

It is like a nucleus of an atom into which an enormous amount of energy of astronomical scale is trapped.

Please open it to understand the true potential of this message not only to Sri Lanka but to the whole world.

Yesterday I took part in a Dan Tamil TV programme on the 46th UNHRC proceedings. All the participants put all their eggs, so naievely but confidently, into the UNHRC basket.

I took the position that they will return from the UN with every one of their eggs (false hopes) broken or cracked. The agony will continue as before. After the 46th session there will be 47th, then 48th and numbers upto and beyond 100 are available!

I put forward the alternative approach, the core idea of which is contained in this profound birthday message. Sumanthiran alone has made some effort in this regard swimming against the TNA resistance.

Kajendakumar’s party is misleading the Tamil people by propagating the idea that the UN Charter provides the right of self determination (RSD) to the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

The right to self determination referred to in the UN Charter is specifically applicable only and only to countries colonised by occupying powers like Great Britain in relation to Sri Lanka, India etc. or France in relation to Angola, Algeria etc.

It is not applicable to ethnic groups within a colonised country.

UN charter is very clearly interpreted in this way by many international constitutional experts.

So the UN lobbyists are in fact wasting valuable time digressing from sustainable and realisable solutions and by aggravating the hostilities between Tamil and Sinhala people’s.

Here is the story I want to present, keeping anonymity:


We were completely different when we met for first time. We remained strangers for several months. Beleives, choices, opinions and desires of ours were not same. But you changed me and made me to understand your people and faults we made.


You gave me a “thaththe”

I gave you an “Appa”

I gave you sisters

You gave me brothers

Yes we earned new families to gather with our friendship.

We learnt to love difference

We learnt to forgive

We learn to understand the other side

We learnt to accept our fault

And we learnt to break stereotypes

Finally we are besties beyond the barriers created by language, relegion, ethnicity and political opinion.

As we discuss for ever, let’s give another story to our children and teach them to be Humans.

Happy birthday my dearest loving bestie, roomo, sister of another mother.

Stay blessed dude 👑


I hope we can discuss the ideas contained in this story through out Sri Lanka.


From Facebook Page: Mylvaganam Sooriasegaram