Western Jetty instead of Eastern Jetty

Joint Trade Union collective of Colombo port has agreed to allow Government to get foreign investments to the western terminal in order to save the Eastern Jetty.  A letter has sent to the President signed by 3 Union leaders with the consent of 22 unions out of 23 unions. All Ceylon General Port Employees Union has not agreed to this letter. These situation was expressed by the Union leaders at a press conference held on 30th January at NM Perera centre, Borella.

Meanwhile work to rule action launched by the port Trade Unions are continuing with success. Some of the sections are almost closed. There are threats to union leaders to stop this work to rule. President has issued a gazette notification declaring port services as essential.

The letter addressed to the President include following conditions.

  1. To start the operations of the eastern jetty immediately under the full control of Sri Lanka Ports Authority.
  2. Construct the remaining work in the eastern jetty enabling full use of the jetty by utilizing US$ 100 m out of US$ 250.00 deposit held by the port authority.
  3. Construct the rest parts of the terminal by the port authority within 3 years and to take the control of SAGT by the SLPA when the existing agreement expired in 2029. 
  4. To agree to an investment proposal favorable to the country for the western terminal.
  5. To get the cabinet approval for the development of eastern jetty by 100% ownership and Management of the SLPA only.
  6. To get the cabinet approval for the Eastern & Western jetty at once.

These conditions were approved by the Movement to protect Eastern Jetty also. By this decision of the unions Government will be able to sell the Western jetty even to a foreign country.