More Unions and political parties decided to support the struggle to protect Eastern Jetty!

Several trade unions and political parties held discussions to support the struggle of port workers against the selling of Eastern Jetty of the Colombo port to Adani Group of India. For the moment, several Trade Unions including Power of the Working People have joined this struggle. A discussion of the unions attached to the Center for the  Public Resources and Human Rights Protection Center  held on 28th January with the participation of representatives from Ceylon Bank Employees Union, Union of Post and Telecommunication Officers, United Federation of Labour, United General Service Employees Union, Ceylon Teachers Union, and Textile and Garment Industry Workers Union and Ceylon Estate Staff Union. They have decided to support the struggle of port workers, since it is a struggle for the protection of public property. Initially they have decided to launch an awareness campaign among their membership about the struggle and how to join it. However they have decided to join the planned actions of the port Trade Unions.

Furthermore, there was another discussion among left political parties including Frontline Socialist Party, United Socialist Party, Sri Lanka Socialist Party and Left Voice Organization on 29th January. At this discussion they have decided to support the Port worker’s struggle. They considered selling of eastern container terminal is to help India to challenge Chinese intervention in the Indian Ocean with the help of US. Since the Rajapakshe Government as well as the Mody Government represent the multinational companies, the fight of the port workers will be a fight against the politics of the Rajapakshe’s. Therefore, struggle to be strengthen to run the port by workers themselves.

Another important point discussed at both meetings is the proposal of some sections who support this struggle to protect Eastern jetty from Adani by handing over western jetty or some other jetty to India. Since this proposal is a betrayal of the port worker’s struggle to take control of the operations of port, leaders discussed the avenues to defeat this attempt.