Attack against Indian farmers condemned!

Brutal police attack on Indian farmers who protested against the new Agricultural laws on Tuesday has condemned at a press conference held at CMU hall today. This press conference was called by Frontline Socialist Party.

Addressing the press conference Com. Pubudu Jayagoda said THAT Mody Government has failed to meet the demands of Indian Farmers to withdraw the Agricultural reform Acts submitted to the parliament in last September. Those acts have been passed in order to enable Companies like Adani and Ambani to control the agricultural lands and crops. They are going to grab the farmer’s lands and handover those to agribusinesses. Government wants to make agricultural lands as a marketable commodity.

According to Pubudu Jayagoda, Rajapakshe Government of Sri Lanka also following the same path.  Laws are amending according to the needs of the Companies. Adani has grabbed considerable quantity of lands belonged to Indian farmers. New acts may enable Companies to grab more lands and control the prices of harvest. Protest tractor parade was 50km long. One farmer died due to police shooting. One female railway union leader was taken into the custody and was sexually harassed. The struggle to protect Eastern Jetty of the Colombo port from Adani is connected to the Indian Farmers struggle. Near future farmers of Sri Lanka also may have to besiege Colombo against Adanis and their agents.

Addressing the Press conference Com. Vimukthi De Silva of MONLAR said that development perspectives of India and Sri Lanka were planned by the World Trade Organization (WTO). This was a part of a global plan. This is the WTO plan for global south. Companies belonged to Adani blocked internet facilities in New Delhi. On 24th supplying of fuel to tractors stopped. Highways were closed. In some states tractor owners were advised not to exit the state. However farmers proceeded to New Delhi braking the blockades. At this moment Adani has already entered Sri Lanka through Kankasanthurai port. We also have to get ready to face this type of police attacks to save the Eastern Jetty of Colombo port from Adani.

Com. Vidarshana Kannangara, Com. Dhammika De Siva and Com. Hemamali Abeyratne of Free Women Movement also spoke.

By Wijepala Weerakoon