Cremation? Burial? Do not allow another religious conflict!

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Left voice
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Barrack Lane,
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Cremation? Burial? Do not allow another religious conflict!

Controversy has erupted across the country over the forcible cremation of the bodies of Muslims who died of the Corona pandemic. Since cremation is against Muslim religious and cultural beliefs, Muslims have started protests demanding that their bodies be allowed to be properly buried. On the contrary, Sinhala monks are also protesting against the demand, urging the government to cremate all the bodies. They are holding protests. The government has once again appointed an expert committee to look into the matter. We warn that this irresponsible action of the government could lead to another racist and religious conflict in the country.

The World Health Organization has permitted both cremation and burial of Covid infected deaths for very scientific reasons. Despite this, taking such a step only in Sri Lanka is an incitement to racism. The appointed commission will also ultimately decide the racist interests of the majority in the government. Meanwhile, the provincial council election, which was being prepared to be held at the behest of racist monks and other extremist forces, has been postponed indefinitely. We urge all leftist forces and trade unions to come forward to defeat this as it is once again an attempt to create a conflict between the oppressed and the majority in the country.

  • Allow burial of Muslim bodies!
  • Hold provincial council elections without delay!
  • Let’s defeat the racist frenzy!

Niel Wijethilaka
Left Voice Organization