Discussion for the Unite of Left Parties began

Representatives of the two organizations have already begun discussions to explore the possibility of building a unity between the Left Voice and the Socialist Party. They have held already two discussions on this matter. Comrade Niel, chamil, Wijepala and Amarasingha represented the Left Voice and Comrade Mahinda Devage, Secretary of the Socialist Party and P.D. Saranapala  represented their party.

The basis of the discussion was the document which put forwarded by Left Voice comrades. Comrade Mahinda Devage said that although there are some disagreements on some theoretically issues but they can agree to work for the Unification of the Left and strengthen the working class. It was possible to work together on common basis. The opinion of the Left Voice comrades were that we should first work together in the class movement on issues that we can agree on and then discuss any issues that may arise separately. Accordingly, both sides agreed to begin discussions with other left revolutionary organizations in the near future.