PWP demands to reinstate Suwa Seriya Union Leaders

Picketing campaign organized by the Power of Working People held Infront of the Suwa Seriya Foundation, Rajagiriya on 8th December demanding the reinstatement of three suspended Office Bearers of its Trade Union, “1990 Suwa Seriya Workers Union”.  These workers were suspended on November 25th for holding a press conference to expose their grievances. Company was informed about the formation of the Union, but they have not responded. However, Dumindra Rathnayake, the Chairman of the Suwa Seriya Foundation, through a videoclip to the staff says that the Union has not achieved the required membership to bargain the demands and request workers to directly discuss issues with him, but not through unions. Further the Management of the foundation are threatening workers to resign from the Union.

Power of Working People (PWP), a joint Trade Union collective comprising of Government, Semi Government and Private sector Trade Unions is supporting the Suwa Seriya Union to win its demands.  PWP has already written to the Minister of Health to intervene into this matter, since the Suwa Seriya Foundation comes under the Ministry of Health.

By Wijepala Weerakoon