Gota’s new generalization – Living with Corona

The second wave of Covid 19, which started from the Brandex workshop in Minuwangoda, has now spread to the entire island, not stopping in the Western Province. At the time of writing, the total number of Covid infections in Sri Lanka is over 20,000. 16,643 of them have been reported from the Western Province. The death toll today stands at 90. Of these, 77 were reported within two months. Due to the government’s response to the initial outbreak of the Covid disaster in Sri Lanka, about 3,000 Covid infections have been reported in the first round since November 2019. 13 deaths. In this context, it is clear that the second wave of the epidemic is spreading across the country.

With the first wave of covid, the government declared a nationwide curfew for about a month and managed to control the disease through strict security measures. It was so good that the government was able to hold general elections in March 2020. Thus, the government took full advantage of this situation during the election as well. People admired President Gotabhaya’s instant intervention. The Staff media created a fascination among the people about the prince Diyasena’s. Eventually, thanks to the Covid epidemic, they gained a 2/3 majority in parliament, removing the 19th Amendment and increasing the power of the president indefinitely by the 20th Amendment. The government was able to pass a budget with a majority of 91 votes, giving privileges only to businessmen who did not continue to give any privileges to the people. Even in the midst of the Covid epidemic, budget allocations for the well-being of the people had been slashed.

Control Ceased

Now the almighty president has taken full control and ruled with his advisers and military officers. Many hoped that this power would be used to quickly protect the people from the catastrophic Covid plague they were facing. How the second-round corona virus entered the country is still a mystery. The world’s top intelligence services have not yet been able to find out how the Brandex factory in Minuwangoda got the plague. Was it really possible to find it? Couldn’t? It is questionable whether the government suppressed it even if found.

Now  Gotabhaya has 100% changed his tactics to deal with the corona. The first thing he did was to release patients to show that the corona condition in the country had improved. Previously, corona patients were discharged from hospitals twice with P.C.R. after doing.  Now Gotabhaya’s medical experts have made a new discovery. That is, after 10 days of hospital treatment, a second P.C.R. was performed. That the test was unnecessary. Accordingly, more than 15,000 patients have been discharged from hospitals and released to society without a second trial. The government concludes that even if the virus is present in their body, it will not be able to infect others. We do not know if these are true.

Previously, when the government found a corona infected person, his closest associates were quarantined for 14 days in quarantine camps run by the military. As a result, the disease did not spread to society. At the request of the people, the government decided to quarantine most of the patients, even class relatives, in their homes. The government was exempted from maintaining quarantine camps. The result was that the corona virus spread rapidly throughout the country without any control. Many places in Colombo, including flats, have been isolated, but the number of corona patients is increasing day by day within the city limits of Colombo. The Chief Medical Officer of the Colombo Municipal Council states that it is suspected that about 80% of the people in the city of Colombo are infected with the virus. The mayor of Colombo explained the situation and demanded that the city be locked down for at least two weeks immediately, but the government did not do so. The city of Colombo has been reopened, allowing isolated areas where most corona patients are found, to allow for economic activity. Despite this risk, it has been decided to open all schools island wide except the Western Province. Adequate P.C.R. Tests are not performed and as a result corona patients are not found in some areas. The government sees it as a victory. The government, including Gotabhaya, says living with Corona is a new normalization.

Donald Trump / Bolzarano

This experiment is not new. Donald Trump, in particular in the United States, began to run the economy, ignoring it, saying that he should live with Corona and not be afraid of Corona. Finally, nearly 200,000 of the corona patients currently diagnosed daily in the world are from the United States. The total number of corona infections currently found in the United States is 125 million. The death toll was 1.4 million. During the general election, Donald Trump contracted corona and after being hospitalized for four days, he addressed a public meeting and said that he should not be afraid of corona. The result is that American society is riddled with patients and corpses. Because of this, the people defeated Donald Trump as President, no matter how much he talked. President Bolzarano of Brazil, a close ally of Trump, followed a similar policy. Currently, Brazil has the highest number of corona infections outside the United States. So did the dead. His motto has also been to live with the corona. The poor who lived and died with the corona were not even able to make ends meet. They have also lost their jobs. The ruling class can live with the corona. In Sri Lanka, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is telling people today that he must be careful. Addressing the nation recently, he said that the corona was not something brought by the government. In the end the security of the people was simply handed over to the people.  In  88, 89 J. R. This is what Jayawardena said. But he came to power saying that the protection of the people was the responsibility of the government and that he would provide it 100%. Leaders who forget their responsibilities after taking unlimited power into their hands are nothing but going to the dustbin of history.

While the corona epidemic has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, large-scale corporations are turning it into a capital-intensive process. That’s it.

Niel Wijethilake

Left voice