Power of Working People Formed

New workers center called “Power of Working People “ has been formed yesterday, 12th November, 2020 at the CMU conference hall with the participation of Trade Unions, peasants organizations and some other progressive mass organizations in order to face the challenges faced by the working people. This meeting was summoned by the trade unions. Government, semi-government and private sector trade unions and some other mass organizations working among working people have joined in this meeting.

Number of representatives of the organizations have put forward the issues faced by their sectors. Spreading of Corona virus, health issues of workers, retrenchment of workers, selling of public resources etc. were the key issues discussed at the meeting. There was a main concern for developing unemployment in apparel sector and handing over of Eastern Jetty of Colombo harbor to an Indian Company. It was decided to summon a special meeting to discuss the avenues to protect the Eastern Jetty of the Colombo fort from privatization.