500 garment workers in dire straits

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

Joint Secretary of the Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees Union (FTZGSEU), Anton Marcus, has informed the COVID-19 Coordinating Officer for the FTZ,  Admiral  Prasanna Hewage that around 500 garment workers who have returned from quarantine centres to their boarding houses in the FTZs lack basic facilities including meals.

He said, those 500 workers are in self-quarantine for another 14 days and are left with no food or rations to cook, mainly due to the curfew as shops are closed. 

He also stated, they are from 68 garment factories and will be reporting to work once the self-quarantine period ends.

The Union has also distributed dry rations for them, however, since that’s not enough, he had informed Hewage. 

From: https://ceylontoday.lk/news/500-garment-workers-in-dire-straits