A discussion to form a Joint Trade Union Center

Arrangements are being made to form a Joint Trade Union Center with all Trade Unions in Sri Lanka. Making a statement Sylvester Jayakody, the General Secretary of the CMU states that attempts of several trade unions to address the difficulties faced by working people in Sri Lanka have been fruitless so far. According to him media not eager to broadcast media conferences of Trade Unions due to fear and issues prevail unaddressed. People are starving. Prices of essential goods are escalating. Government has imposed restrictions to meetings, discussions etc. under the cover of covid 19.

Further he says that the time has come to make a joint effort to face this situation directly. He has invited all Trade Unions including the unions in the National Labour Advisory Council to get ready for a joint trade union discussion to discuss the situation and decide a suitable action in due course. This discussion has been scheduled for November 12th